Established in 1961, Messrs. Fratelli PIOVESAN Ltd. is a company specialised in the production of stainless steel elbow fittings, obtained from plates which are cold-pressed in two halves, arc welded, with final 100% x-ray control.

PIOVESAN is today a small but important Italian company for the supply of fittings employed mainly by petrochemical industries, shipyards and power industries, where the quality of materials plays one of the most important roles.

These fittings are used also in other sectors: gas pipelines, pharmaceutical industries, power stations, food industries, paper mills and other special uses.

In addition to the quality of our products, our strength lies in our flexibility and speed in production and prompt deliveries.

Fratelli PIOVESAN Ltd. supplies stainless steel fittings for butt welding (WP-WX elbows) both in Italy and abroad.