The Quality of the stainless steel fittings produced by Fratelli PIOVESAN Ltd. is guaranteed by over thirty years of experience and by the ISO 9001: 2008 RI.NA. (R.I.N.A. Certificate n° 371/96/S).

Furthermore, the production and product of Fratelli PIOVESAN Ltd. are in compliance with the standard Approved acc. to AD 2000-Merkblatt W0 and certified acc. to PED PED (97/23/EC) by Certification Body for Pressure Equipment of TÜV.


Our range of products is from:

  • 8″ up to 42″ (dimensions in inches)
  • Minimum diameter Øe 219,1 mm. to a maximum Øe 1066,8 (metric dimensions)…


Standard grades 15°-30°-45°-60°-90°, Special Large Radius Elbows as per customer requirement.

As required by some international specifications, after welding our fittings undergo a Solution Annealing Heat-Treatment (Messrs. A.T.T. S.r.l.).

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